Zahra Hakim
J'ai vu une femme qui battait la lumière dans un mortier
18.11.2022 — 26.02.2023

The concept of memory and the passage of time are major themes in Zahra Hakim's practice. The artist explores ways to use materiality, as well as mutualism and caring, to awaken a space's spirit. The practice of care frequently comes to light via observation and dialogue, and as a result, resilience can develop, assisting us in continuing to live and accept our reality.

In this perspective, Zahra's exhibition is accompanied by a dinner taking place once a month in the space. Dates and subscribtions down below:

November 25th :

December 21st:

January 13th :

February 17th:

Please note that each dinner is limited to 15 participant.
Subscribtions are on a first come first served basis.
Participation's fee: 20CHF per person.